Ayurvedic Bodywork


Spot Spas does not currently offer Ayurvedic therapies. If you would like to be notified when we begin to offer these services again, please email us at Reservations@SpotSpas.com


Ayurvedic Integrative Massage is grounding and nurturing with the intention to balance your true nature and promote a calm and open connection to self. A custom blend of healing oils for your unique composition is created for the treatment. With the root in Ayurvedic ritual and bodywork - elements of Swedish massage, crystal healing, CranioSacral Therapy, lymphatic movement, Chakra energy balance,  acupressure point, heat therapy (fire element), reflexology and herbal aroma therapy.

Ayurvedic Body Therapy Tx
We are all unique and beautiful. A transformation for mind, body and soul - this treatment is rooted in ancient healing traditions of Abhyanga and Shirodhara. Abhyanga, warm herbal oil massage with flowing strokes to move through physical/energetic blockages to encourage the body’s innate healing ability. All Ayurvedic treatments are strong in energy medicine by with subtle anatomy like the marma energy points and Chakra system. Shirodhara, warm oil stream over the third-eye, is intended to calm the mind and promote rest and repair for the nervous system. Although this experience is different for everyone, a myriad of benefits are available including a more conscious connection to self.

Clients who experience aspects of anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and stress would greatly benefit.