Welcome to a brand new service at Spot Spas!

We invite you to read about Katherine Zaun, Dynamic Body Balance Therapist, and take a peek at her offerings below.

Dynamic Body Balancing (90min or 2 hours)

Dynamic Body Balancing is a therapeutic practice that incorporates multiple modalities to achieve balance throughout all of your body's systems. When the body is in balance, it can support itself through healing! This session includes craniosacral therapy & myofacial tissue release, energy balance, chakra balance, belief balance, and more Light Touch therapies. People can experience dramatic improvement from physical/emotional trauma, general body pain/discomfort/injury, food intolerance, allergy relief, spectral disorders, ADHD, depression, generational patterning, migraines, jaw pain, TMJ dysfunction, dental pain, and much, much more. These Dynamic Body Balancing sessions are great for adults of all ages, and great for pregnant mamas as well.

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Child/Teen Dynamic Body Balancing (60min, 90min, or 2 Hours)

Child Dynamic Body Balancing is a more condensed and focused session for one child in a shorter time frame. Children that have learning challenges or experience any imbalances of the brain greatly benefit from Craniosacral Therapy, often seeing symptoms drastically improve, helping to empower children in understanding that symptoms can resolve! This session is also great for those needing dental work or braces, assisting the decrease in pain and headaches caused by dental work. 
This is a Light Touch treatment and can include myofacial tissue release, energy balancing, chakra balancing, belief balancing, and other Light Touch therapies. 

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Light Touch Energy + Belief Balance (60min)

Light Touch Energy + Belief Balance sessions are for balancing cycles of behavior, healing from food sensitivities, ancestral frequency healing, chakra balancing, and overall energy work. These treatments are perfect for anyone who may feel "stuck" in their life and are having a hard time finding their path and purpose, those who need to break unhealthy cycles or patterns of behavior, those who are tired of taking medication or being on a restrictive diet to battle intolerance of the body and brain. These sessions are great for anyone looking to shed layers of energy that no longer serve our highest, highest good. 

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