Our Story

Spot Spa was founded in 2001 by Nell Rueckl in the northeast riverfront district, setting out to offer the best massage therapy and spa treatments for her Twin Cities clients. 

Today, Spot has two locations. One in Northeast Minneapolis (just across the river from downtown) and another in Uptown. We have nearly a dozen practitioners, and offer the best massage therapy and skincare in Minneapolis and the entire Twin Cities area. 

The practitioners at Spot are encouraged to be authentic, and realize their unique goals with a community of like-minded healing professionals. We believe the treatments that have proven the test of time are the most effective, but we also study the evolving fields of health and wellness. In the end, we choose to chase our hearts, using experience as our guide, and not the latest spa trend.

For the record...we've never done chemical peels or microdermabrasion; we can reach the same results without using a product with parabens or phthalates!